„How much does decorative paint cost?” This question cannot be answered directly. The price of decorative paint depends entirely on the specific product.

In addition, there is the issue of the manufacturer itself. Below we will present you some valuations of sample products.

ATTENTION! Valuation applies only to paint without primer and any other additives.

If you would like to check the current prices of all structural and decorative paints yourself, you can do it by browsing the most popular decorative paints, among others, from this website budujto.pl there are a whole lot of popular brands such as Guardi, Pigio, Valpaint or Luxmal.

What criteria can decorative paints be divided into?

What is decorative paint? What are we guided by when we call a paint decorative?

A paint should be called decorative when, after painting the surface, you can notice a unique effect that stands out from other adjacent surfaces. Nevertheless, the title decorative paint is also attributed to ordinary wall, latex or ceramic paint, which create a simple smooth coating in a mat or satin gloss.

So decorative paints are the easiest to divide due to the effect they create on the painted surface. In this article, we will focus on decorative paint for painting walls.

We distinguish the following effects of decorative paints:

lamb effect – I don’t think that the lamb effect (latex paint with sand) or a derivative rauphase effect (latex paint with sawdust) is a decorative effect, rather it is a structural effect that should still be finished with a decorative effect.

Therefore, we will not develop the topic of the lamb effect further. I will write both cases in an article about structural paints.

The glitter effect on the wall is the most popular effect and one of the cheapest decorative effects that can be obtained on the wall. Resourceful people try to get this effect on their own by adding glitter to ordinary paints, with varying degrees of success, but more on that in a moment

The dew effect in the living room was crazy. To such an extent that every manufacturer of ordinary paints, even though they did not specialize in the production of decorative paints, released their equivalent.

We currently have a huge selection of effects, so the craze has passed. This does not change the fact that the dew effect has undergone a metamorphosis with the spread of Italian decorative paints on our market.

The Italians have shown that good quality paint creates a huge number of potential effects that can be achieved by anyone with a knack for construction work. I will develop the topic below. because there is something to write about.

The effect of rust on the wall has several faces. It is not known why it was adopted under this name. It should be called the effect of corrosion on the wall, because in addition to the standard effect imitating the corrosion of steel sheet, we can also imitate copper corrosion, I mean a turquoise patina tarnish, which is also not monochromatic.

We have even less common corrosion effects like tarnished aluminum (so rare that you can practically call it a unicorn among decorative effects)

The concrete effect is the most popular loft effect. To this day, it beats sales records, but in the form of plaster. Concrete effect paint is a rarity, produced by 2-3 companies in Europe, but the color palette is not only shades of gray, but also navy blue, graphite, sunny yellow and even pink.

All in all, there is no limit to the colors, because the concrete effect paint is white as standard and can be tinted with standard pigments for ordinary wall paints.

You will find the effect of velvet and satin in 20% of newly built apartments. Painting with velvet effect paint is very easy, the surface is smooth and easy to wash with detergent.

The velvet effect looks as if scattered summer clouds fly by against the background of the wall. The satin effect is smoother, almost like glass, but also more difficult to place on the wall. Most manufacturers recommend using a Venetian trowel.

The copper effect took its name from the color of the decorative paint, which imitates the copper color well. Personally, I think it is a kind of decorative paint, which in the world of interior decorators is commonly called metalizer.

Attention, every manufacturer is a different shade of copper effect. Manufacturers that produce decorative paints, such as Pigio, offer a whole range of metalizers, not only gold, silver and copper.

Decorative paint with glitter

farba dekoracyjna z brokatem Cena
Decorative Paint Price 7

Decorative paint with a starry night effect

One of the most popular paints with glitter are paints with the effect of snow and starry night. They are perfect for even in living rooms such as a living room or dining room where access to light is constant, so they can show the full effect that they hide.

Of course, they will also work very well in other rooms, such as a bedroom or a children’s room. It is simply important to maintain access to natural or artificial light in the room.

Paint with a snow effect costs about $ 170 for a 1.5L package.

Starry night effect paint is the same expense. From one liter, the contractor is able to extract up to 8m2. This applies to both paints. We will pay about $15 per m2.

ATTENTION! How many meters we can pull out depends on our skills and the method of application.
Paint with the effect of a starry night or snow is one of the proposals on the decorative paint market. We also have a choice of Mystik paint, which is a mix of glitter particles mixed in the paint.

The problem with glitter paint is that it should not be cleaned, because along with heavy dirt, we will remove a large part of the glitter, which results in an annoying colorful palm of paint that does not shimmer and stands out terribly against the background of the glitter effect on the wall.

Here, paints based on synthetic resins come to the rescue, such as Diamond Dust from Guardi, which is more resistant than latex glitter paint, but can still be polished by rubbing the glitter during repeated cleaning. It’s nice, but not perfect.
Once I had the opportunity to test the decorative paint Stella from Pigio. If there was a durability competition for decorative paints with a glitter effect, Stella would leave the competition behind.
You wash and wash and wash… You try to wash off the glitter and nothing comes off the wall – a super positive surprise.

The Italian manufacturer Pigio presented this product as a decorative gel paint. The set consisted of a gel-like paint, which created the effect, and a second pack of some gel, which was applied with a sponge or slightly diluted with water with a roller.

Currently, I have not been able to find Stella z Pigio in a country other than Italy, and only in decoration salons that invite you for coffee or wine and a walk among their exhibitions. Wow, we don’t have that…

Maybe this exceptional customer service is an explanation for the price of the product, which is 6 times higher compared to its weaker colleagues available in every store.
However, I managed to find a similar product to Stella called Cristalli from the same manufacturer. It is true that it is a plaster to be applied with a trowel. The final effect is different, but the consistency is similar.

As I promised above, I will describe how the production of paint with a glitter effect looks like on your own at home. It is a simple procedure, and there are two effects, it will work or it will not.

You can pour glitter into a typical wall paint in any color, which you can buy in any decoupage shop and in specialized DIY stores. The better paints have good opacity and in most cases will just cover the glitter when painting, resulting in a very low shimmering glitter effect. If you take a cheap wall paint on sale at a discount store such as Castorama or Leroy Merlin, you will get a good effect with the 3rd layer, but washing the wall is rather out of the question.

The second home way is to buy acrylic varnish, put glitter in it and paint. First impression, the lights are great. In the case of women, I saved maybe even PLN 6 per square meter of the wall and the effect is good, BUT….

I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t test this method in a tiresome way.
I made a few forms that I tested in accelerated home conditions. I’m skipping the fact that they sell brocade contaminated with some kind of crap on the allegro. It’s like throwing the fruits of labor from Saturday cleaning the floor in the house into glitter.
Finally, the wall of the form looked as if the glitter was mixed with dust. I didn’t mean the effect, but to test the durability.

I tried varnishes at $ 35/l, $64/l and $95 per litre. The latter is decorative and is used for glazing on decorative plasters. In short, dyed in a specific color, it gives the wall a decorative effect and protects the surface at the same time.

After the second wash, the glitter from the cheap varnish was washed off after 4 from the medium varnish, the decorative varnish lasted 5 cycles, then the glitter also began to come off. I think that if I used baby wipes as I do at home, the sheets would last twice as long. I’ll test this idea sometime and let you know.

Yellowing resistance. Some will say it’s a crazy idea, but how to check is to check. I stuck a piece of paper on each sheet and exposed them to a lamp like you have in a tanning bed.

I thought that women after the solarium look older, so I will get a similar effect in my test. The lamp shone on all the sheets equally on the covered part and the exposed part.
After 24 hours of varnish roasting, the polish from the middle shelf was the worst, it was yellow like orange juice, but clear – you could still see the glitter.

The second on the podium was a cheap acrylic varnish for $ 35, but it turned out quite well with the predecessor. Nevertheless, I would not like to have such a view in the room.

The decorative varnish came out the best, which does not mean that it looked like new, it was the color of champagne. The glitter effect was just as intense. I don’t know how many years I added to them using a lamp from a tanning bed, possibly a few years.

I left the last test to the cleaning lady. I screwed the forms to the desk at the height of the mop. I wanted to see if I could clean the mop marks after a month of daily floor cleaning. I must say that I had to wash off the glitter effect from the mat to remove the dirt. Dirt etched into the paint.
In addition, the handprints that were created during the month were also difficult to remove, which resulted in washing the glitter effect off the sheets. Looking at the wall painted with latex paint, I had the impression that the varnish „attracts dirt” more than ordinary wall paint.

Decorative paint with the effect of Architectural Concrete

Farba beton Cena
Decorative Paint Price 8

Decorative paint with the effect of architectural concrete in the living room

Concrete effect paints are a very good solution for people who do not want to work with plaster. One of the most popular is Rullo by Pigio. It gives a very authentic imitation of concrete that is virtually indistinguishable at first glance.
The Light Gray color is a 1:1 concrete color in my sites.

Only after a deeper analysis of the structure of the wall up close is there a chance that the trained eye will notice that it is an imitation concrete decorative paint.

We will pay about $ 120 for a 7kg package of paint. From 1 kg we will make from 1 to 1.4 m2. The average price per m2 of space is about $ 20.

The concrete effect paint was created in response to the market demand for a product that is easier to apply and faster to process, so that an ambitious investor would have no problems with making a concrete effect on the wall without the help of a professional.

As a result, even professionals were convinced by this product because the work took much less time than working with plaster with the same effect.

It should be mentioned that decorative paint with a concrete effect is a name that functions mainly on the Polish market. Mostly it is in shades of gray, graphite and sometimes black. Other color options have been forgotten, perhaps because Polish retailers have adapted to the market and go with the flow.

In other European markets, paints such as Rullo by Pigio are available in a whole range of colors from yellow through blue to pink. I saw an interesting application of Rullo concrete effect paint in one of the restaurants in Pomerania.
The professional stuck the company logo in the form of a white sticker on the black wall, then applied Rullo in navy blue and tore off the sticker, leaving a black 3D logo on the navy blue wall.
Easy to do, and the decorative effect is unique.

Personally, decorative paint with a concrete effect should be protected with varnish, and I think it should be a glaze varnish, so as not to give the surface a gloss. Not every manufacturer of concrete-effect paint recommends varnishing, some believe that after full curing of the resins contained in the product, the effect can be washed off without much problem.

Decorative paint with a rust effect

Farba dekoracyjna o efekcie rdzy Cena
Decorative Paint Price 9

Decorative paint with a rust effect

Decorative paints with a rust effect tempt not only with their original appearance, but also with their impossibly simple execution. To do it properly, all you need is a paint sponge and a free hour or two. The whole thing is very quick to make, it also dries very quickly and corrections can be applied at any time.

One set of paint with a rust effect (paint 2×0.5l and primer 2×1.5kg) costs about $ 150. From the package of 2 x 0.5 l of paint, you can get from 10 to 12 m2. Which gives about $ 14 per m2 of rust effect on the wall.

Theory out of the head now practical facts about the rust effect. There are many manufacturers of this effect, probably every brand that produces decorative paints has a basic version of the rust effect.

The easiest to make and one of the cheapest is the rust effect from Guardi and Corrosi from Pigio with the difference that Guardi offers a basic red-brown effect, and Pigio offers many varieties of corrosion effects. Nevertheless, I saw maybe 3 online stores that offer this product, maybe it’s about the price because Corrosi Pigio is more expensive by about 30% than Guardi.

Probably every available decorative paint with a rust effect has a slightly rough structure, in any case, I have not come across a case where it was otherwise. The rust effect looks best on a black or graphite wall. A wall in this color imitates steel sheets that are susceptible to corrosion.

When painting an imitation of rust on the wall in the basic color, we face a choice whether the red color should dominate, or maybe rusty brown, or maybe half and half? In addition, there is the question of whether our wall is to be completely rusted or whether it should show the original color of the wall in places as areas of sheet metal that have not yet corroded.

Fortunately, corrections can be made on the fly by applying one color to another. The rust-effect decorative paint itself dries quickly and it takes about 20 minutes for initial drying.

Most decorative paints with a rust effect do not require varnishing, they are more durable than the best varnish available on the building materials market. However, there are two exceptions, manufacturers Magnat and Jegger recommend varnishing their products.

Due to the slightly rough structure, I recommend cleaning the decorated wall with a soft paint brush, plus warm water with dishwashing detergent.
After dissolving the unwanted stains, the wall can be dried with paper towels. Wiping with a cloth or towel will cause the material to unravel because the structure of the rust effect has the characteristics of sandpaper.

Dew Effect Decorative Paint

Farba dekoracyjna efekt rosy Cena
Decorative Paint Price 10

Decorative paint with dew effect

Paint with a dew effect, a universal jewel in the crown, a very original decoration that fits most interiors. This is a rescue for people who do not quite know what they want to get in their living room, kitchen or other room.
The dew effect fits practically to most rooms, all you need to do is choose the right color.

1l of paint with a dew effect costs about $ 125. With 1l of paint, you can make up to 10m2, which gives us an average price of $ 15 per m2 of a painted wall.

The Rosy effect is the most popular effect among decorative paints. Decorative paint with this effect is child’s play in painting, the dew effect itself is a random and rather unrepeatable effect. At least in the version that Polish producers demonstrate.
There are paints that will do more than artistic disorder. On YouTube, there is a video of Deserto decorative paint, showing how one person easily paints bevels on the wall. In the end, he even did well, and it doesn’t look like he was trying.

Deserto decorative paint is a product, as defined by the manufacturer, in which your imagination limits you. Generally, it is applied with a brush for decorative farms, but you can form this paint on the wall with a trowel, I recommend the Venetian one.

There is no place here to write about the possibilities of Deserto from Pigio. This is what you need to do reviews and record all 11 decorative styles that they teach at training workshops for professionals.

In any case, you need to remember that the dewdrop effect on the wall is not the only possibility and that you can create many effects with good paint.

If you decide that the price of a decorative paint like Deserto is too high, and competing brands are $ 10 or $ 15 cheaper, add water to it, you will dilute it to the level of competing products, the paint will be cheaper because water costs nothing, and the paint will only slightly suffer from quality.

The question is whether it is worth saving $ 2-4 per square meter of wall. Usually, this is a saving of $ 20-30 for the entire investment. Would you agree that this is a negligible saving? Write what you think in the comment.

Decorative Paint with Velvet Effect

Farba dekoracyjna efekt aksamitu Cena
Decorative Paint Price 11

Decorative Paint with Velvet Effect

The velvet effect is something for people who value high living comfort and like to harmonize with the current trends in interior design.
Very smooth and subtly made walls brilliantly play with light creating a unique image in the whole room. Many people appreciated this paint, as evidenced by its great sales in construction wholesalers with whom we cooperate.

The price for 1L of paint with a velvet effect is about $ 240. From one liter, we will make an average of 8 m2 (applied with a trowel) to 25 m2 (applied with a sponge) with one layer.

This gives us a price range of about $ 30 – 10 per square meter of wall, depending on how we applied decorative paint to the wall.

Where did this shot come from? Everything depends on the method.

  • Venetian trowel from 6 to 15 m2 (depending on layer thickness)
  • Roller or brush from 10 to 20m2 (depending on the structure of the roller)
  • Sponge from 15 to 25m2.
  • Spray from 25 to 35m2.

The most popular paints of this effect are produced by Guardi and Pigio under the name of Metalico.

In my opinion, not everyone will like this effect and it does not look good in every color, and I tested 11 colors.

You can buy samples of decorative paints online, which allows you to test your skills on a piece of plasterboard and, most importantly, whether the effect will look good in our lighting conditions. The color, intensity and angle of incidence have a huge impact on the final decorative effect. Photos do not show the live effect and paint samples solve this problem.

The velvet effect can be briefly described as a wall covered with clouds. Where the color of the wall and clouds depend on your invention.
I interviewed companies that sell decorative paints in this effect and found out that:

  • They buy it most often for the child’s room and the corridor because it is smooth and easy to clean.
  • The effect on a large exhibition wall is liked by 50% of customers who are determined to buy decorative paint.
  • Interior decoration salons interview customers who bought the effect, so they ask if they decided to repeat the effect for the second time. 70% answered yes and were guided mainly by the fact that the decorative paint is easy to clean.

In my opinion, the velvet effect paint looks nice when the color of the wall contrasts strongly with the decorative paint.

E.g. black wall and pearl white decorative paint. This color combination was on one of the trainings for professionals conducted by Pigio. I don’t like dark walls, but I liked it.

I will add from myself that you do not need to buy the original primer paint. I actually urge you not to do that. It is expensive, and its quality does not matter if you take my attention to heart and decorate the wall in a non-standard way, i.e. you will skip the ready-made sets from the color guide.

I saw a friend who put navy blue Metalico decorative paint on a dark green wall. A mega unconventional effect that I really liked. Would I make such a composition? Not because I don’t like shades of green.
I will take a photo and post it in the review of this product.

Decorative Copper effect paint

Farba dekoracyjna efekt miedzi Cena
Decorative Paint Price 12

Copper effect decorative paint

The copper-effect paint is a close cousin of the rust-effect paint, despite the similar-sounding name, the decorations are made completely different. Nevertheless, the principle is the same as in the case of paint with a rust effect, do not do it too much because it will start to be too overwhelming.

The price of copper effect paint for 1 liter is about $ 150.

If we paint with it using a roller, we are able to paint up to 10 m2 of surface. We will pay about $ 15 per m2.

My opinion on this effect is that a maximum of one wall per room should be decorated, and preferably a fragment as in the visualization of the copper effect. Already a small piece of the wall dominates the room, which is not bad.
Decorative paint should be the hero of the room and stand out against the background of smooth walls. Why decorate a wall if it has to blend in with the surroundings.

I believe that the copper effect is a decorative paint from the family of metalizers, which are used as a contrast to matte decorations like the concrete effect. The producers decided that this effect may appeal to amateurs of metallic gloss on a large meter.
I guess it’s just a matter of taste, and my taste would be an aluminum-silver metallic.


As you can see, prices vary greatly when it comes to decorative paints. Prices can be compared between stores, even between manufacturers if you have knowledge about decorative effects.

Manufacturers mostly have products that ultimately give the same decorative effect. If you are interested in reviews of specific products, we recommend that you look here https://instahome.info/category/recenzje-produktow/ you will find here detailed descriptions of the decorations that interest you. You will also learn about their strengths and weaknesses.