What is? How much is? How much is labor, what types are there and where can I buy it? We answer these and many other questions in this article

What is Polbruk?

It is nothing more than a classic paving stone produced by a specific manufacturer. It is also her proper name.

It is a very popular product, especially in Poland, which is why many people still think that it is some special version of paving stones, which is not entirely true because it is still just a cube only has its unique name.

How many types are there?

When it comes to the versions of cobblestones available on the market, there are a lot of them. They differ in shape, size, color and many other properties.

The easiest way is to simply go to polbruk’s website and browse through their entire offer. Surely you will find something for yourself because the choice is really big.

Available types of cubes can be found in the products tab.

Where to buy it?

Well, the available places from which you can order it are definitely numerous online construction stores, stationary wholesalers or the manufacturer himself. In the case of the latter, most wholesalers undertake to import goods or arrange shipment directly from the manufacturer.

As you can see, there are a lot of possibilities and there is no problem with availability.

An alternative, and much cheaper than a wholesaler or other DIY store, is to look for offers on platforms such as OLX or Sprzedajemy.pl.

How much is?

Here everything is completely dependent on which type we specifically choose. We are able to buy the cheapest polbruks for about $ 20 per m2, while their upper limit is about $ 100 per m2.

How much does labor cost for laying paving stones?

The price for labor can range from $60 to even $120 per m2. These differences in price depend on how much work will have to be put into its lining.

If it is to be used for machine traffic and will have to bear constant multi-ton loads, the most important issue is to make the appropriate foundations for the cube.

In this case, the labor will be $160 per m2 because the amount of work that needs to be put into proper preparation is incomparably greater.

However, if in the case where it will be used only for pedestrian traffic as a promenade in the garden or something like that, it is enough to make the appropriate bedding under the cube and that’s it, then the labor price will be approximately $60.

Of course, these are only illustrative rates that may differ significantly depending on, among others, the region, in such Warsaw we will have to pay much more for the same service as in Poznań.

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