Where to buy white decorative paint? Nowhere. How is it nowhere? Doesn’t it sell anymore? No, that’s not the point. It was never sold because there is no such thing as white decorative paint. The existence of such a product is one of the many construction myths. Many people also just looking for white paint think that it belongs strictly to decorative paints, but this is not the case. Decorative paints are characterized by special properties that, among other things, improve the aesthetics and give additional effects. However, in the case of ordinary wall paints, we are dealing with a product whose structure will be the same practically every time, i.e. slightly rough. Using ordinary wall paint, we will not be able to obtain a perfectly smooth structure, our wall will always be slightly rough.

Why are there no white decorative paints?

Gdzie kupić białą farbę dekoracyjną?
Where to buy white decorative paint? 2

Why is decorative white paint not produced? This is related to one very important ingredient, which is titanium white. To be able to explain exactly why the use of titanium white in ordinary decorative paints is impossible, it would require us to delve into many technical aspects and discuss the entire production stage of white paint, and you could write a small book about it.

So, in short, it is impossible to use titanium white in ordinary wall paints in order to achieve a satisfactory visual effect. It is about the intensity of the white color and its shade. Then it is not possible to create a white wall as a decoration? Of course it is, just buy classic wall paint or ceramic or latex paint.

The best alternatives to white decorative paint

Pearl decorative paint  – it will not give our walls a typical white color. It is rather its bright variation resembling a light cream color rather than classic white. The pearl paint itself provides a simple and elegant decoration that is perfect for classic and modernist interiors.

It is also not problematic when choosing interiors, thanks to a very balanced color and minimalism, it can be said that it fits almost everywhere. And what is the most characteristic of the pearl effect? As the name suggests, it has a classic pearly gloss that perfectly harmonizes with light, thus raising the decoration to a much higher aesthetic level.

Here’s a little curiosity. It is not only a wall paint, but it will also work very well on ceilings. It is suitable for application on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Sheep effect, structural paint – in terms of color, it is able to achieve an effect much more similar to classic white than the previously mentioned pearl paint. However, this also comes at a price, and that price is none other than the structure. I guess everyone knows what a lamb looks like, and I don’t think you need to convince anyone that this is not an effect that looks especially good indoors. An exception may be corridors or hallways.

However, nothing stands in the way of properly integrating it into the interior design. For example, to paint a specific element or just one wall to get a balanced composition. In the case of paints that achieve a quite visible and eye-catching effect, be careful not to fall into splendor. In this case, we will get an unsightly and very visible composition.

However, we realize that this is not a perfect solution for everyone. Therefore, from the typical decorative paints, there is one more solution (in our opinion the best of all three) that will allow us to achieve a satisfactory effect. You will find the details below.

Paint with a snow effect – as the name suggests, you can guess that its main color, which it hits, will be white. However, it will not be as white as a sheet of paper, but a very similar shade, but still it should not be a problem for most people. Okay, but we said it’s a decorative paint, so it has to have something unique to it, right? Certainly, it is no different in this case either.

The snow effect is distinguished from classic paints by the presence of glitter in its composition. Now, however, we will reassure all opponents of this type of trinkets. Glitter particles are so small and their amount is so modest that they do not affect the final effect in any way.

Can you have this white wall?

Okay, but what if I don’t like any of the above alternatives and I just want a typical white wall without any frills in the form of a unique structure, glitter particles, etc.? Then we have three very good options for you that will allow you to get a smooth, consistent color and elegant white wall. What are these options? It is nothing more than a classic wall paint, latex paint and a special ceramic paint.

The first one is also the cheapest and easiest to apply alternative to the non-existent white decorative paint and other listed substitutes, but if something is very cheap, it often comes at a price, even in terms of quality.

ATTENTION! We do not advise saving on white wall paint because instead of white color we will get a shade of it. Light also plays a very important role. Because the final effect depends on it. Depending on whether our rooms are dominated by warm, natural or cold light, the effect will be different.

Alternatives to white paint

Ceramic paint – there is a special protective paint available in almost every color, including white. It is resistant to mechanical damage such as scratches, bruises, etc. It also copes well with food or drink stains. They can be easily washed with water or mild detergents such as soap or dishwashing liquid.

Ceramic paints are of really very high quality and are perfect for rooms with more severe conditions due to the level of humidity. They are the perfect choice for both kitchens and bathrooms. Their only drawback is the price because they are not the cheapest, but due to the effect we get, in our opinion, they are worth every penny. It is not afraid of dirt or even „artistic creations” of small children.

Latex paint – it is practically the same product as ceramic paint, only from a slightly lower shelf. But that doesn’t mean it’s bad, because it’s not. It will be great for all the tasks we listed above. However, the resistance to mechanical damage will be slightly lower. However, the price is also relatively lower and also adequate.

ATTENTION! You have to look at which category of paint you buy. There are three. The first category is the highest quality and the third category is typical cheap primer paints.

Classic wall paint – it is an ordinary wall paint that you can buy in virtually any store or building wholesaler. We advise against buying them in large supermarkets and discount stores. It is true that we will find there the same product as in an ordinary warehouse and it is cheaper, but over time you will see that they differ from the siena more than you might expect.

In their case, we recommend focusing your attention on wall paints from well-known brands such as Śnieżka, Magnat, Lakma, etc. And don’t take the cheapest ones because it’s nothing more than ordinary „shit”.