Solar panels on the balcony are definitely something new and increasingly popular.

Probably many of you have already noticed blocks with solar panels installed on the roofs, but these are single exceptions located only in large cities such as Toruń or Poznań.

Many owners of buildings or cooperatives do not look favorably on such investments, which is the main reason why residents lose out.

Fortunately, however, the solution (or at least partial) is photovoltaics on the balcony in the block.

How to install it, what we will need and how it will work at all. You will find the answers to all these questions later in the article. Okay, without further ado, it’s time to start.

We will connect the photovoltaic panels on the balcony to the socket

Before we talk about installing the whole thing, it is worth asking yourself how to connect photovoltaic panels on the balcony?

This can work on the principle of photovoltaics to the socket (PV Plug and Play).

This is exactly what you are thinking now. The whole procedure consists in connecting our panels with a cable to the socket, just like in the case of household appliances such as a washing machine or fridge.

To be able to connect our panels in this way, their power must be in the range of 400 to 800 Wp.

These are one of the most frequently offered sets by manufacturers, so in case of availability there will be no major problem.

You cannot install solar panels on the balcony without permits

Unfortunately, not everything can be easy from the beginning. In order for you to enjoy balcony photovoltaics, you have to go through a whole lot of formalities, documents, permits, technical aspects, etc.

There are quite a lot of them. Below we will provide you with all the most important documents required.

Why is it all so complicated? Because the law tells us that the inner surface of the balcony is private property, however, the railing and the facade are a common part.

All aspects of health and safety are also very important because the installation must not pose any threat to people below.

This means that the entire set must be resistant to breaking due to severe weather conditions.

Technical expertise assessing the bearing capacity of the property

It is an expert’s opinion on the suitability of the assembly of the structure on a given object.

Fortunately, it is not mandatory, but the building manager can request it if he tries to be very problematic.

Rather, the installation of two panels weighing a total of 40 kg will not affect the structure of the block weighing thousands of tons.

Prepared and signed installation project

However, this document is already required.

The design of the entire future balcony installation should be prepared and signed by a person competent in the construction of buildings.

Acceptance of the photovoltaic installation by an electrician

One of the most common requests of the building manager or cooperative is also the acceptance of the entire installation.

It should be carried out by an authorized electrician with competence.

In the case of a cooperative, the decision will be made by the management board based on its articles of association.

In the case of a community, residents will vote on a permit resolution.

You do not need to report the installation to the power company

If the power of our photovoltaic installation does not exceed 800W, there is no need to report it to the power company.

This is what the EU Commission Regulation 2016/631 of April 16, 2016 tells us.

However, if we want to sell the surplus of generated electricity to the grid, the notification will definitely be mandatory.

It will also be necessary to install a two-way meter in front of the energy supplier.

The installation of photovoltaic panels on the balcony costs about $ 4,000

At the moment, installing and purchasing two photovoltaic panels on the balcony costs about $ 4,000. Is it profitable?

The average payback time can now be up to 10 years with 0.7 kWp panels. However, due to rising electricity prices, the payback time will be shortening and next year it may be even 5 years.

The decisive condition here are the electricity rates, which can undergo drastic and unexpected changes as a result of constantly increasing inflation.

The average annual savings in bills will be even about $ 800.

There is no subsidy for installing photovoltaics on the balcony

Unfortunately, all solar panel installations in Poland are quite a recent topic.

And when we talk about such a specific case as the installation of panels on the balcony, there is really little chance that we will get some extras.

At the moment, they are practically non-existent.

Neither the „Fresh Air” nor „My Electricity” programs provide for any financial allowances.

PV panels must be mounted at an angle of 35 – 45 degrees

How to correctly install solar panels? Many people think that if we mount them at an angle of 90 degrees or facing the sky, then they will collect the most solar energy.

Unfortunately, however, this is not true. The most optimal setting is the previously mentioned 35 – 45 degrees.

Okay, but how do you hang it like that when everything has to be secure? This is no problem today.

Fitting companies in their offers have special hooks that properly support the entire panels.