One of the most popular solar panels is definitely the 500W photovoltaic panels.

Why is it like that? Why do people most often decide to buy 5 kW panels when you can get those with 700 or even 800 W at quite similar prices?

The answer to this question is relatively simple, but not obvious. I will discuss it in detail later in the article.

In addition, I will tell you about all the important technical issues related to 500W panels, how much you will have to pay for them, whether they are a viable option and whether buying them is a good decision for everyone.

A 500W photovoltaic panel costs about 1,000. $

The prices of photovoltaic panels are not very high and we can already find offers where you will pay about $ 1,000 for one 500W solar panel.

Of course, you should leave yourself a financial margin of at least $ 200 – 300.

The manufacturer you choose will also play an important role here. However, the most expensive models should not exceed $ 1,200.

Of course, if we decide to buy used models, we can count on the price even around $ 500. However, there is a catch behind this price.

Namely, that the life of the used panel will be much shorter. How much? Depends on how long it was used by the previous owner.

If a 500W photovoltaic panel has served it for about 10 years, it should last you a maximum of 15 if it is in very good condition.

Good quality panels should last up to 25 years, not counting potential repairs and services, of course.

These are, of course, only indicative rates for January 2023.

General prices may suddenly increase due to the unstable situation of the Polish zloty and inflation, which in January 2023 is already 25% and is still growing.

If you are considering buying 500W photovoltaic panels, I personally advise you to choose the option of buying the entire complete set right away with the support structure.

You can find them at a price of $ 4 to 5 thousand, the smallest sets include a pair of panels, construction and all necessary accessories.

The most powerful 500W photovoltaic panel

500W photovoltaic panels may not be among the strongest and most powerful, but they are definitely among the best.

The strongest photovoltaic panels draw power up to 700W, however, this creates a problem in terms of permits for the construction of the installation, but more on that in a moment.

Although 700W panels are among the most powerful, people more often choose 500, among other things, because of the price.

For 500W we will pay from $ 800 to $ 1000 and for 700W from $ 1500 to $ 2000 per unit. A fairly simple calculation also comes into play here.

The difference in the amount of electricity generated for a private person will be really small.

For example, if you decide to install e.g. 4,700W panels and the final expense will be much higher, because instead of 4,000 we will pay about 8,000 and the savings on electricity will be really small.

However, if you would like to make the entire installation consisting of a dozen or so solar panels mounted on a ground structure, then a better option here will be definitely those with a power of 700W.

You must have a permit to install solar panels

To be able to install a photovoltaic installation, regardless of whether on the roof of the building or on the so-called ground, you need a construction permit.

It can be said that without obtaining this document we have nothing to do any work.

Putting up photovoltaic installations, regardless of where, is undeniably related to construction work.

However, there are some exceptions to this, or more precisely an exception.

You do not have to report the course of your work if your installation does not have a power greater than 800W.

This, private individuals who would like to set up a photovoltaic system, e.g. on a balcony, can choose to install two 400W panels and do not have to worry about any legal issues such as permits, etc.

However, this comes at a cost in terms of energy savings. It will be much less than in the case of panels with more power.

It’s logical and it’s up to you to decide what to do and whether you want to play permissions or not. If it’s not a big problem for you.

An installation with 500W photovoltaic panels will generate up to 5000 kWh per year

This is actually the most important issue regarding the panels, i.e. how much electricity they will be able to save for you.

In the case of installations with 500W panels, the amount of generated electricity will oscillate between 4000 and 5000 kWh.

Of course, this is a fairly general and quite large rounding because the impact of the energy produced is influenced by many issues such as the number of individual panels or the weather.