Magnat Ceramica paint is a high-quality product trusted by professional painters for many years. Provides coverage and protection from the elements you can trust for years. Thanks to its exceptional resistance to chipping, fading and scratching, Magnat Ceramica paint is an excellent choice for any painting project. This is the flagship product of our most popular brand, which has already attracted millions of customers and which, despite the passage of many years, still does not cease to amaze with the high level it maintains. Kitchen, living room, children’s room or bedroom. It will work in any of these places.

Magnat Ceramica paint

Magnat Ceramica paint is an exciting new product designed to provide excellent coverage, durability and aesthetic appeal for any home decor project. Whether you want to paint the walls or the ceiling. Magnat Ceramica paint has everything you need to get the job done right. It has been developed using advanced technology to ensure excellent performance and long-lasting results that can withstand even the most demanding indoor environments when properly protected with varnish (especially recommended in extremely demanding conditions).

Magnat Ceramica is durable and easy to apply

Magnat Ceramica paint is a high-quality, professional coating that provides a number of benefits to both homeowners and contractors. The unique ceramic finish of Magnat Ceramica paint not only provides excellent protection against dirt, but also prevents the growth of mold and mildew, which makes it an excellent choice for walls in rooms with increased levels of moisture. However, when it comes to its application, it is very quick, simple and does not differ from the steps that must be followed in the case of ordinary classic wall paint. A roller or brush with the right length of bristles, painting with up and down movements and, in fact, it would be enough. At the very end, additional protection of the whole with a protective varnish for paints.

Preparation of the surface for paint

Before we start painting, we must clean the wall thoroughly, it is not allowed to work on dirty surfaces! If it is dirty with dust, dust or other defects of this type, we should wipe them off with a broom or vacuum cleaner. In a situation where the wall is damp or simply wet, we must dry it very thoroughly and wait for it to dry. If there are still any unevenness or larger defects, they should also be filled. Finally, there is the issue of typically oily dirt. We must get rid of them first, otherwise they will completely prevent the creation of a solid, well-combined surface.

Magnat Ceramica application details

The application, as we have already mentioned, is absolutely nothing groundbreaking. We mix the primer paint, pour it into a cuvette and then, using a properly selected roller or brush, apply it to the wall by moving from top to bottom. When it dries, in exactly the same way, we paint with the right paint, only this time we make at least two layers. ATTENTION! It is not allowed to paint with the wet-on-wet method. Wait until one layer dries and then start applying the next one. At the very end, we still have to protect the whole with a protective varnish for wall paints.

Available colours

At the moment, i.e. January 2023, Magnat Ceramic offers as many as 65 colors. It is quite a lot compared to some competitors, whose offer is rarely that high. In this respect, not only Magnat Ceramic but also many other products can boast such a large number of potential colors. Thanks to this, everyone will be able to find something for themselves here.

Cost and Availability

As for the amount of Magnat Ceramic, in January 2023 we will pay around $ 120 for a 2.5-liter package, which allows us to paint approximately 16m2. Of course, the potential surface for painting will vary depending on the skills of the artist and the intensity of the effect we want. That is why, when specifying the area, a correction of at least 2 – 3 meters should be taken here.


It is very simple, if you care about high-quality products and you just want to paint the room and have peace of mind with its renovation for the next long years, then Magnat Ceramic is an ideal choice, good quality combined with a lot of colors.