Impregnation of paving stones is not one of the toughest tasks in the construction industry, most people will be able to do this job on their own.

However, that doesn’t mean there’s no screwing up here, it’s going to be easy, but this blog is about how to do it.

An article about the most common mistakes made when impregnating paving stones can be found at this link

Here we give you another short blog about „myths” when impregnating ankles,, i.e. things that are better to avoid even though many pseudo professionals recommend them .

Preparation for impregnation of paving stones

Nie oczyszczona kostka brukowa
How to impregnate paving stones? - guide 4

Paving stones not prepared for impregnation

This is the most important stage during the work, because if we do it incorrectly or superficially, the entire impregnation of the paving stones may fail.

So our simple advice, better focus right from the start. First of all, we manually get rid of large stones or other shards that will disturb us during work.

Then, we clean the surface of the paving stone from excess dust, dust, etc. This can be done with an ordinary broom.

After such a relative cleaning of the cube, you can start washing it with a pressure washer

czyszczenie kostki brukowej
How to impregnate paving stones? - guide 5

Cleaning paving stones with a pressure washer

After washing, it is best to wait about 7 – 8 hours, in many guides you can find information about 4 hours, however, we advise against it, many cubes will not dry in this time.

This is influenced by the fact of what the cube is made of, an additional 3 or 4 hours of waiting will not save us, but they will guarantee that the cube will dry properly.

We guarantee that wet impregnation of paving stones will not give you the expected effect. If the paving stone is overgrown with mosses or lichens, it is worth using a biocide, but it is not required.

Most impregnations contain biocides that have herbicidal properties. In addition to these activities, there is one more thing to consider.

It is about grouting the paving stone, during cleaning, the joints may be washed out, which can significantly weaken it and affect its usable condition.

It is better not to underestimate this and fill the joints with the appropriate grout anyway.

Proper impregnation of paving stones

There are 3 simple ways to do this:

With a brush

This is a rather cumbersome method for larger areas, but it should work well for impregnating the paving stones around the house.
We choose a brush adapted to our preferences and paint, that’s all.


In the case of impregnation of paving stones with a roller, it is best to buy dedicated ones. The best choice are the so-called velor rollers, they are resistant to solvents and their bristle length is 6 – 8 mm.

Later, the impregnation process is very simple, we take a roller, soak it in impregnation and paint it like with paint.

By spraying, i.e. low-pressure hydrodynamic method

impregnacja kostki brukowej metoda natryskowa 1
How to impregnate paving stones? - guide 6

Impregnation of paving stones by spraying

This is the best way, it is the most efficient, accurate and effective. The work is carried out with the use of special painting aggregates.

We recommend aggregates because they have a separate tank for and impregnation agent connected to the gun, which gives a lot of freedom during work.

Alternatively, you can also use a garden sprayer instead, it is cheaper than a generator and very convenient.

Paver – price list and contact in your area you will find the most frequently asked questions regarding the impregnation of paving stones.